21 thoughts on “Fifa 11 – Newcastle Manager Mode – Episode 8 – Howay The Lads – Aston Villa / West Brom”

  1. @aronavfc would you like a game and I think my device stopped the audio in last 30 secs so couldn’t hear ya

  2. @aronavfc <3, personally I'm recording with the mic that's on my steelseries headset. Works lovely 🙂

  3. @mightydazken ano mate, i have been buying a few mics atm to test them, THERE ALL SHITE.. getting a bluesnowball in about a week

  4. Nice vid mate , and yh would like the full game as a live comm agianst sunderland , also at 5;30 i dont know why but your mic cuts out for me so i cant hear anyhting u say after 5:30

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