5 thoughts on “Kenny Dalglish Post Aston Villa”

  1. @theSVK789 Hilarious comment.. He took Liverpool to where they should of been, at the very minimum. This season he needs to finish top 3 at least with the money he’s spent.. Soo for him to be the greatest manager, he’s going to have to win the league. I’m going to guess that your a very biased Liverpool fan…

  2. now that birmingham and blackpool are relegated we can look forward to really nice deals

  3. He is probably the best manager the premier league….
    His man=management is fantastic, he has got a great sense of humour, he’s protective about his players, he rarely blames the referees and if he loses he never cries..
    The greatest living manager in the world at the moment … Deffinitely up there with shanks.

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