25 thoughts on “Shay Given signs for Aston Villa”

  1. god luck at villa shay,you are a world class keeeper,only wish the people at city could see ur a nmbr 1,villas gain city,s loss.

  2. Great Keeper and us Newcastle fans still love him. Good luck at villa hope you do well <3

  3. from a newcastle fan… you have the best goal-keeper, spent so long at newcastle, really was a shame when he left. He still gets a standing clap from our fans.

  4. He’s still a brillaint keeper. Lets hope he doesn’t get treated like shit like he did at the Man City bandwagon.

  5. @leemcewan1 we didn’t ruin his career, he was just frozen out last year because of joe harts form.
    they choose to sign with us.

  6. i feel sorry for given, all he wants is first team football, he’s a top TOP keeper and now he has to play at villa under alex mcleish… gutted

  7. @leemcewan1 totally agree with u mate, the only player which has stayed in form in tevez. People like Miner and Dzeko should have stayed at their old club, they are playing shit now!

  8. out of given and friedel, i still have to go with friedel…more consistency (slightly)

  9. @ChArLiE9321 nah he wants the wages, he was prepared to stay at man city rather than go to celtic in January because celtic would cut his wages, i used to like him. Douche Bag now though. 🙁

  10. @ipaulrodx96 ….Or wanted to go to the far better team maybe, and still get paid more?

  11. @shallowdead Or perhaps it was because he wanted to stay playing football in the best league in the world…

    p.s im niehter a villa fan or city fan, but a plymouth fan, speaking from a neaural point of view im so pleased he’s left city :’D

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