Aston Villa manager Steve Bruce said that he is desperate to sign goalkeeper Sam Johnstone who is currently on loan from Manchester United on a permanent basis. Sam Johnstone is currently in his second season with Aston Villa, and Bruce has revealed that he wants him to stay in the long run.



Steve Bruce said that Sam Johnstone is a great goalkeeper and that there is no doubt that he can play at the highest level. He feels however that there are currently some good goalkeepers at Manchester United and that the young player will have some problem breaking into the first team there.

For this reason, he is confident that he can get him to play for them on a permanent basis. He said that he has been convinced by Sam Johnstone’s talent and that there is no doubt that he will go on and become of the best goalkeepers in England.

Steve Bruce said that Sam Johnstone has some good reflex saves just like De Gea and that he will go on emulate the great Manchester United goalkeeper. However, it is important that he remains humble and continue to work.

The Aston Villa coach said that it is the objective of the team to build a side that can not only win promotion this season but also survive in the Premier League. He feels that this start by having a good goalkeeper and he believes that a player such as Sam Johnstone will be a step in this direction.

Steve Bruce said that Aston Villa has been improving during recent weeks and that they have a good chance of winning promotion. However, he admitted that the road is still long and that the players will need to continue to work hard in training.